Local History Photos October 5, 2017

Hi everyone, here are the Local History Photos of the week for last week! That is right, this is the posting that should have gone up on September 29!

The posting for this week will be up tomorrow morning!

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

Photo 1 Saint Mary’s Church:

This one is a neat photo of Saint Mary’s Church; and looking at the car I’d guess it was taken sometime in the 1930s.

Photo 2 Market Street Parade:

Photo 2 is of a parade on Market Street perhaps in the 1950s…

Photo 3 Postcard of Corning Glass Works

Photo 3 is a photo of a postcard of the old Corning Glass Works — date unknown.

If you know, let us know!

We have the photo of the post card but not the post card itself which might have had that info on the back side.

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

Library Local History/Creation Station Resources:

Here’s your weekly reminder that at the library you can scan your photos and slides to create digital family albums and slideshows; and even use one of the Circut machines, and other Creation Station equipment, to help you create a special paper family history album.

Also of note, we have the local paper, at times called the Corning Leader, Corning Journal or Corning Daily Journal, on microfilm from 1840 to the present — so you can visit the library and research local history and your family tree if you wish!


And if you find any old photos of the Corning area that you don’t know what to do with – you can always donate them to the library! We’re happy to add new photos to our Photo Archive!



Local History Photos Of The Week

Here are our Local History Photos for this week!

As usual you can click on the photos for a larger view.

Photo 1: Market Street Looking East circa 1939

Market Street Looking East 1939

Photo 2: Market Street 1961

Market Street 1961

Photo 3: Horse & Buggy In Front Of Clock Tower circa 1900 

Horse & Buggy @ Clock Tower c. 1900


Local History Mystery Photos January 15, 2016

Here are some more Local History Mystery Photos just in time for your weekend viewing pleasure!

If you click on the photo you’ll get a larger view!

Mystery Photo 1: The record for this photo is completely blank! It looks like Market Street to me — sometime before the street was paved over with blacktop. Does anyone have any idea where this building is/was exactly?

And a bonus point if you can venture a guess as to when this photo was taken!

LH 77-1967

Mystery Photo 2: Again this looks like it might be Market Street to me! Our record for this photo has a one word description on it — it just says “Corning.”

So our mystery questions feature the usual suspects! When and exactly where (exactly) was this photo taken?

LH 77-1924

Mystery Photo 3: This one is of a corner lot but which corner is a mystery! And bonus points to anyone who can tell us what the name of the business is that is relocating! There is sign that no doubt features the store name above the white sale banner but I can’t read it — how about you?

LH 77-1921

Mystery Photo 4: The record for this photo says “Hub Clothing” which is indeed the name of the business as shown on the awning. Does anyone know where on Market Street this business was and what type of items they sold there?

LH 77 1923

Mystery Photo 5:  has a record the only says the photo was taken in “Riverside” so our mystery question is the obvious one! Where was the photo taken? The look of the car suggests that the photo was taken in the 1920s or 1930s but where it was taken remains a mystery!

LH 77-1919

And don’t forget you can digitalize your family photos, make digital and slides and share them digitally! You can also use our Circut Machine to create a nifty cover for your family history album! Just drop by our Makerspace and check it out!

Our Makerspace, Creation Station, is open from 10 a. m. till noon on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 5:00 – 7:30 p. m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays drop in to find out more!

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Local History Mystery Photos August 8 28 15

Just a quick precursor note to our new weekly Local History Mystery Photos; I am going on vacation next week and so the next Local History Mystery Photos will not be posting until Thursday, September 11. Have a great weekend! Linda, SSCL

If you’d like a larger view of any of the four photos — just click on the photo!

Photo 1: The notation that accompanies this cheerful lady’s photo simply states the photo is from The Drake Family circa 1900. (LHPA 75-0204) Does anyone know who the lady is and which building she is standing in front of?


Photo 2: This photo is noted as being of the Corning Fire Dept. Northside Station (LHPA 75-0393). Does anyone know where this building was, or is, and who the men are in the photo?

LHPA 75-0393

Photo 3: This photo is noted to be of Market Street in Corning; however, the exact year is a mystery and which cross street is the closest Pine or wall perhaps…. (LHPA 75-0369)

LHPA 75-0369

Photo 4: The record we have for this photo simply say it is a “Drake Family” photo — does anyone recognize the tower of the building seen behind the frosty trees? (LHPA 75-207)

LHPA 75-0207