Local History Photos Of The Week

Summer time is a very busy time in Library Land so apologies for not posting any photos last week!

Here are four photos taken from our Local History Photo Archive – and these truly are mystery photos because they are all in bundle in the Local History Room without any information about who is in the  photos or where they were taken, although, I believe the photos were taken in Corning as the band leader’s hat says Corning on it and the photo of the Liberty Theater — looks very much like the old Fox Theater that was located just past the Githler Tanner building in Corning.

And I’d love to know what the athlete in photo 2 did to win all those medals — was he, perhaps, a wrestler?

Photo 1: The Bandleader:

LH 8 29 16003

Photo 2: The Athlete:

LH 8 29 16004

Photo 3: A view of one of the local lakes?

LH 8 29 16002

Photo 4: The Liberty Theater (perhaps a precursor to the Fox Theater?)

LH 8 29 16005

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL

Local History Mystery Photos January 15, 2016

Here are some more Local History Mystery Photos just in time for your weekend viewing pleasure!

If you click on the photo you’ll get a larger view!

Mystery Photo 1: The record for this photo is completely blank! It looks like Market Street to me — sometime before the street was paved over with blacktop. Does anyone have any idea where this building is/was exactly?

And a bonus point if you can venture a guess as to when this photo was taken!

LH 77-1967

Mystery Photo 2: Again this looks like it might be Market Street to me! Our record for this photo has a one word description on it — it just says “Corning.”

So our mystery questions feature the usual suspects! When and exactly where (exactly) was this photo taken?

LH 77-1924

Mystery Photo 3: This one is of a corner lot but which corner is a mystery! And bonus points to anyone who can tell us what the name of the business is that is relocating! There is sign that no doubt features the store name above the white sale banner but I can’t read it — how about you?

LH 77-1921

Mystery Photo 4: The record for this photo says “Hub Clothing” which is indeed the name of the business as shown on the awning. Does anyone know where on Market Street this business was and what type of items they sold there?

LH 77 1923

Mystery Photo 5:  has a record the only says the photo was taken in “Riverside” so our mystery question is the obvious one! Where was the photo taken? The look of the car suggests that the photo was taken in the 1920s or 1930s but where it was taken remains a mystery!

LH 77-1919

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Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

Local History Mystery Photos November 20, 2015

Hi everyone, here is a new quartet of Local History Mystery Photos!

As is usual if you click on the individual photos you get a larger view.

LH 75-0701

Local History Mystery Photo 1:

This photo is of a boy reading what appears to be a newspaper sometime in the past in the Corning area. Our archival information is scant for this photo is simply is listed as being donated by the Corning Painted Post Historical Society and that the date of the photo is c. 1900

So our mystery questions are: A. Where was this photo taken?, B. Who is the little boy in the photo? And what type of even was going on that day — a parade perhaps?

LH 75-0703

Local History Mystery Photo 2: 

This photo shows five young women apparently graduating from a local school c. 1900 — which school they graduated from remains a mystery!

Mystery question 1 for this photo is just that! A. Does anyone know which school these young women attended? and mystery question 2 is: Does anyone recognize any of the women in the photo?

LH 175-0791

Local History Mystery Photo 3: 

Our third mystery photo is of a parade! And our mystery questions are:

A. Does anyone know anything about the parade (i.e. when it was held and for what occasion).

B. Where was the parade held? (Does that look like an unpaved a pre-railroad and highway Denison Parkway in Corning?

Local History Mystery 4:

Our final Local History Mystery Photo for this week has a one word listing in our archival record — it simply says “Biplane.”

Our mystery questions for this photo then are:

A. Where and when was this photo taken?

B. Does anyone know anything about the plane, or this type of plane?


C. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo?

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Mystery Local History Photos 9 25 15

Hi everyone, here are some more mystery local history photos!

And as always click on the photos to see a larger view of each photo.

Photo 1: Here we see a group of firefighters in front of the old fire station and city hall — which is now the building that houses the Rockwell Museum.

So my mystery questions are: A. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo and B. when do you think the photo was taken?

LH 75-0391

Photo 2: Here we see a smaller group of firefighters standing in front of the Northside Fire Station.

And our mystery questions are again: A. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo and B. What year was the photo taken?

I believe this building is still standing on the Northside too — so a bonus question is:

What street is this building located on?

LH 75-0393

Photo 3: According to the brief description on the back of the Photo Archive index card this photo is of “Monkey Run” Pritchard; and so there are no people in this photo my mystery question is a simple one — where was this photo taken? I know where Pritchard Avenue is on the Northside but I’ve never seen a section of Monkey Run right near the street…

LH 75-0388

Photo 4: This photo appears to be of a building on Market Street and my mystery questions about this photo are: A. What is the address, or section of Market Street, where this building is located? and B. When was the Allen Store open for business in Corning?

LH 75-0396

And those are our local history mystery photos for the week!

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

And as a post script…If you come across any old photos of the area, for example, black and while photos of people or places in the region taken prior to 1960 — and you don’t know what to do with them — you can donate them to the library! And you just might see those photos in the future included in a future local history mystery posting!