Local History Photos Of The Week

Summer time is a very busy time in Library Land so apologies for not posting any photos last week!

Here are four photos taken from our Local History Photo Archive – and these truly are mystery photos because they are all in bundle in the Local History Room without any information about who is in the  photos or where they were taken, although, I believe the photos were taken in Corning as the band leader’s hat says Corning on it and the photo of the Liberty Theater — looks very much like the old Fox Theater that was located just past the Githler Tanner building in Corning.

And I’d love to know what the athlete in photo 2 did to win all those medals — was he, perhaps, a wrestler?

Photo 1: The Bandleader:

LH 8 29 16003

Photo 2: The Athlete:

LH 8 29 16004

Photo 3: A view of one of the local lakes?

LH 8 29 16002

Photo 4: The Liberty Theater (perhaps a precursor to the Fox Theater?)

LH 8 29 16005

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL