Local History Photos December 1, 2017

Hi everyone, here are the Local History Photos of the week!

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Photo 1: A Photo of a Photo of the old Addison High School:

We have a number of photos in our photo archive that are photos taken of old photos or postcards of people, places and things in the region. And this is another cool one – if you just ignore the sliver of counter top at the top of the photo.

The photo is of the old Addison High School sometime in the early twentieth century.

If you know anything about the old Addison High School let us know!

Photo 2: A Group of OBBN Women with Basketball & Dog:

I have no idea what the “OBBN” on these ladies shirts stands for! And they’re dressed rather fancily from a modern perspective to play soccer or some other type of ball game. But whatever the occasion the photo was taken for, I’d say the ladies are definitely a team and I like their dog too!

Photo 3: Readying The Street For Paving:

Our final photo of this week shows what appears to be a crew getting a street ready for paving – presumably with bricks. Although I suppose they could be digging the street up in order to install plumbing pipes too. If you recognize which local street they were working on, or if you know anything about when and how the originally paved the streets in Corning – let us know.

Have a great day,

Linda, SSCL

Library Local History/Creation Station Resources:

At the library you can scan your photos and slides to create digital family albums and slideshows; and even use one of the Circut machines, and other Creation Station equipment, to help you create a special paper family history album.

Also of note, we have the local paper, at times called the Corning Leader, Corning Journal or Corning Daily Journal, on microfilm from 1840 to the present — so you can visit the library and research local history and your family tree if you wish!


And if you find any old photos of the Corning area that you don’t know what to do with – you can always donate them to the library! We’re happy to add new photos to our Photo Archive!

Local History Photo: Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a reminder the library is closed Friday, December 23 through Monday, December 26 — so put those books on hold and you can pick them up on Tuesday, December 27!

(As usual click on the photo for a larger view!)


This photo is of the old castle, aka arsenal, which was built in 1858 and later sold, at auction, to Saint Mary’s Church and used as an orphanage and convent before the building was torn down in the 1960s. (Dimitroff and Janes 46-48)

What a cool old building!

Works Cited

Dimitroff, Thomas P., and Lois Janes. History of the CORNING Painted Post Area: 200 Years in Painted Post Country. Bookmarks. Corning. 1991.

Local History Photos of The Week – Friday, October 14, 2016

Hi everyone, I’m going to start posting local history photos every Friday — just to keep things consistent!

Local History Photo 1:

The Park Hotel in Tioga, Pennsylvania 


This photo is of a cool looking hotel — one that would be neat to stay in today, for its historic value. Unfortunately the record for this photo indicates the building was “built in 1876 and burned in 1915,” so I guess we can’t stay there now…

Local History Photo 2:

A Drake Family Member


The record for our second photo of the week contains scant information; it indicates that the photo is of a member of the Drake Family and that it was taken in Corning around 1900. It is a neat photo of a little girl and her dog — and if anyone knows who the little girl was — please enlighten the rest of us!

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL