Local History Photos of the Week May 4, 2018

Hi everyone, here are the Local History Photos of the week!

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

Photo 1: Postcard of Old School 3

Old School 3 is of course, no longer a school and also still standing on Chemung Street today. And in fact, the building looks almost exact the same – although the postcard is undated.

If you have stories you’d like to share about attending old School 3, or possibly, living in the building today since it has been re-purposed as condos – let us know!

Photo 2: Possible Store Manager

We haven’t a clue as to who this dapper and serious man is nor, what store or office building he worked in. However, he looks like he might be the manager of the place in since he is dressed spiffily and sitting behind a neat desk.

If you know who the gentleman in the photo is, or if you recognize the store or office he worked in – let us know!

Bonus Photo: Train!

This train might very well have been stopped on Erie Avenue, what is today Denison Parkway, but that is just a guess!

If you recognize where this photo was taken, let us know!

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

Library Local History/Creation Station Resources:

At the library you can scan your photos and slides to create digital family albums and slideshows; and even use one of the Circut machines, and other Creation Station equipment, to help you create a special paper family history album.

Also of note, we have the local paper, at times called the Corning Leader, Corning Journal or Corning Daily Journal, on microfilm from 1840 to the present — so you can visit the library and research local history and your family tree if you wish!


And if you find any old photos of the Corning area that you don’t know what to do with – you can always donate them to the library!

We’re happy to add new photos to our Photo Archive!

Local History Mystery Photos December 17, 2015

Hi everyone, here is a new batch of Local History Mystery Photos!

As usual if you click on the individual photos you get a larger view.

LH 75-1546

Local History Mystery Photo 1:

Well this one really isn’t a mystery! Unless of course, someone wants to take a stab at identifying the man in the photo… This is a photo of the McDonalds that use to be in Riverside somewhere near the old Tasty Freeze. I’m thinking it was located somewhere near where the entrance ramp to the highway is across from Auto Zone but as I was 6 in 1972 I might be off a bit! The picture was taken just after the famous Flood of 1972.

LH 76-1618

Local History Mystery Photo 2:

This photo was taken during the Food of 1972 and the mystery might be how was it taken? It appears the photographer was in a boat floating by the Glass Works buildings. And this photo also appears to be a photo taken of another photo — so the second mystery question might be who has the original photo?

LH 75-1545

Local History Mystery Photo 3: 

This photo appears to be of the Chemung River looking eastward from the region that is past Wegmans and parallel  to Sunset Drive — towards what I believe is the Bridge Street Bridge in the background with parts of the old railway bridge in the foreground.

LH 75-1561

Local History Mystery Photo 4: 

This is another photo in the library archive that appears to be a photo of another photo so it is a bit crooked because that is the way the photo in the archive looks; however, this is a neat photo of the Corning of the past! The photo is of one of those old postcards and is labeled with the description “Junction of Pulteney and Bridge Streets, Corning, N.Y.

And I know where Bridge and Pulteney Streets are of course! However, that large building in the foreground — not a clue!

So our mystery questions regarding this photo are 1: Does anyone know anything about the large building in the foreground – perhaps what business were housed in it? And 2. Does anyone have any idea of what year the photo was taken?

LH 75-1562

Local History Mystery Photo 5: 

And this one is another photo in the archive that is actually a photo of a photo; however, I think it is cool so I’m going to include it! This one is of the St. Mary’s Church what I assume if formally called the Rectory located on Corning’s Southside. And our mystery question is what year was this photo taken? The car, which you can just see located in the bottom right hand corner of the pictures looks like an early 20th Century car — so if someone knows their cars — they might venture a solid guess!

LH 75-1564

Local History Mystery Photo 6:

This photo is of old School 3, located on Chemung Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets in Corning and which has since been transformed from a school into apartments. And our local history mystery question is what year do you think the photo was taken?

LH 75-1490

Local History Mystery Photo 7:

And our final Local History Mystery Photo for this month is of another parade. The paraders look like a formal group don’t they? So our local history mystery questions for this photo are 1. When was this photo taken and 2. Where was this photo taken? The description in the archive only says “Parade, Corning.”

Have a great holiday season!

Linda, SSCL

Local History Mystery Photos November 7, 2015

Here’s another batch of local history mystery photos!

If you click on any of the photos you’ll get a larger view.

LH 75-1081

Photo 1 is titled “Corning Home” and that title is literally the only description we have on record for this archival photo! So the question is the obvious one where is, or was as the case may be, this house located in Corning?

LH 75-1026

Photo 2 is titled “Pine Street Bridge” and is more commonly known today as the Centerway Bridge or the Walking Bridge as one cannot drive a car over the bridge any loner.

Our local history mystery question for this photo is: When was it taken?

LH 75-0847

Photo 3: is title “High Street” and features a view of  High Street, in Painted Post, looking eastward. The record for this photo indicates it was taken in 1921.

And our mystery question for this photo is: When was High Street paved?

Also feel free to share any stories you might have about living on High Street!

LH 75-0841

Photo 4 is titled “Graduation Picture – CFA;” and shows the graduating class at Corning Free Academy in 1895!

Our obvious mystery question about this photo is: Does anyone know who any of the people in the photo are?

And just an curious aside, I wonder why only three young men graduated from C.F.A. in 1895? Perhaps the other boys were all helping out on family farms?

LH 75-0819

And Photo 5 is titled “Grade 3 – School 3;” this photo was taken in 1916.

And our mystery questions for this photo are:

Where was this photo taken?


Does anyone recognize any of the kids in the photo?

And if  you know how many numbered schools there were in the City of Corning let the rest of  us know! I know only of schools, 1, 2 & 3; and I believe the Alternative School for Math and Science is housed, in part, is, I believe, old School ! and School 3, the one I believe we see a part of in the photo is on Chemung Street — but where was School 2?

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

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