Local History Mystery Photos October 26, 2015

Here is another neat batch of Local History Mystery photos!

Note: You can always see a larger view of each photo by clicking on the photo.

Mystery Photo 1: The record for this photo states that it shows “Dr. Gordon with drum” and “Dr. O’Brien with flag;” and that the photo was taken in the early 1920s.

So our mystery questions are:

1. Does anyone know anything about how Dr. Gordon and Dr. O’Brien were?

2. Does anyone know what the occasion might have been that had these two doctors dressed up like Revolutionary Era soldiers?

3. Were was this photo taken?

LH 75-0398

Mystery Photo 2: Our second photo bears the description “Second Street c 1952.”

And our mystery question for this photo is:

What year did they first pave all the streets in the City of Corning?

LH 75-0370

Mystery Photo 3: The record for our third mystery photo is of Navy men 1915.

The record for the photo indicates the men are Edward W. Fitzpatrick & N. J. Allen.

And our two local history mystery questions for this photo are:

1. Does anyone know anything about who Edward Fitzpatrick and N. J. Allen were?


2. Where was this photo taken (for a bonus point as obviously it is hard to tell!)

LH 75-0317

Mystery Photo 4: Our fourth mystery photo is less of a mystery than the other three!

We can still stand on East First Street, about 50′ westward of the corner of First and Cedar,  and look eastward and see Christ Episcopal Church (foreground) and Corning First United Methodist Church (background).

So the light weight mystery questions this photo are:

1. What year was the photo taken?


2. When did that take down that metal (iron?) fence seen to the left of the Episcopal Church?

LH 75-0257

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Linda, SSCL