Local History Mystery Photos 10 2 15

Hi everyone, here are some new  local history mystery photos!

And as always click on the photos to see a larger view of each photo.

Photo 1: Our first photo for this week features a view of First Street looking westward from Chemung. And the mystery questions are A. Who are the people in the photo? and B. What year was the photo taken?


Photo 2: The second mystery photo for this week features a view of a person in a canoe just about to go under the bridge in Denison Park. And the obvious mystery questions are A. When was this photo taken? B. Who is the person in the canoe? And, if anyone knows, when was the water running under the bridge ever that high?

LH 75-0585

Photo 3: Our third photo of the week features the caption “The Old Stone Arch Corning NY.” And our mystery questions regarding this photo are A. Where was the arch? B. Who are the people in the photo and C. When was this photo taken?

LH 75-0687

Photo 4: The information in our Photo Archive listing for this last photo of the week is very brief! It simply says that the photo is of “Ice Skating” and it was donated to the library by “CPPHS.” I believe “CPPHS stands for the Corning Painted Post Historical Society. And the mystery questions for this photo are our favorite trio of questions!      A. Where was this double photo taken? B. When were the double images in the photo taken? and C. Who are the people seen in the photos.

LH 75-0727

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL