Mystery Local History Photos 9 25 15

Hi everyone, here are some more mystery local history photos!

And as always click on the photos to see a larger view of each photo.

Photo 1: Here we see a group of firefighters in front of the old fire station and city hall — which is now the building that houses the Rockwell Museum.

So my mystery questions are: A. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo and B. when do you think the photo was taken?

LH 75-0391

Photo 2: Here we see a smaller group of firefighters standing in front of the Northside Fire Station.

And our mystery questions are again: A. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo and B. What year was the photo taken?

I believe this building is still standing on the Northside too — so a bonus question is:

What street is this building located on?

LH 75-0393

Photo 3: According to the brief description on the back of the Photo Archive index card this photo is of “Monkey Run” Pritchard; and so there are no people in this photo my mystery question is a simple one — where was this photo taken? I know where Pritchard Avenue is on the Northside but I’ve never seen a section of Monkey Run right near the street…

LH 75-0388

Photo 4: This photo appears to be of a building on Market Street and my mystery questions about this photo are: A. What is the address, or section of Market Street, where this building is located? and B. When was the Allen Store open for business in Corning?

LH 75-0396

And those are our local history mystery photos for the week!

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

And as a post script…If you come across any old photos of the area, for example, black and while photos of people or places in the region taken prior to 1960 — and you don’t know what to do with them — you can donate them to the library! And you just might see those photos in the future included in a future local history mystery posting!