Local History Photos of the Week May 31, 2019

Hi everyone, here are the Local History Photos of the Week!

This week in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Corning Free Academy Class of 1959 we are going to diverge from our usual format of showing photos from the library’s Local History Archive and instead take a look at photos from 1959 Stator.

Hats off to the class of 1959 and the alumni attending the upcoming reunion on June 8, 2019 at the American Legion in South Corning. 

If you have questions about the reunion you can contact Nancy Watlock Gabel at (607) 292-6448 or wheeling65@roadrunner.com.

In honor of the reunion, I’ve created a PowerPoint slideshow featuring pages from the 1959 Stator which is a bit polished and it is easier to make the photos larger if you download the slideshow – here is the link:


Feel free to download, print and share the PowerPoint!

Seen below are the photos of the Seniors as seen in the 1959 Stator – twice!

The first viewing of ’59 Seniors shows each individual page of photos as it appears in the yearbook – this format offers a larger view of each yearbook page.

And the second viewing of ’59 Seniors shows the yearbook pages side-by-side as they appear in the yearbook – the photos appear a bit smaller this way so you may need to make them appear larger on your screen as discussed in the brief Helpful Hints section below!

Helpful Hints: If you’re using a computer you can press and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and then tap the + sign, also on your keyboard, to make photos larger as they appear on the screen.

And as an alternative, if you use a mouse you can press and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboad and then push the scroll wheel on your mouse away from you to make the photos bigger. (The other way around works too – to make photos smaller press and hold down on the CTRL key on your keyboard and pull the scroll wheel on your mouse towards you – this is called zooming in and out!)

And on to the photos!

Have a great weekend!

Linda Reimer, SSL

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