Local History Photos August 25, 2017

Hi everyone, here are the Local History Photos of the week!

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

Photo 1: Corning Palomar Observatory Disc

This photo is obviously of one of the two large discs that Corning Glass made for the Palomar Mountain Observatory in 1948. However, whether it is the first imperfect disc that is on display at the Corning Museum of Glass or the second disc that wound up at the Palomar Observatory — is not clear from the photo. If you know, please let us know!

Photo 2: Dann Dairy 

I’ll admit that while the name “Dann Diary” seems familiar to me, I can’t quire recall where this dairy farm was located. But I bet someone out there in Internet Land will remember!

Photo 3: Corning Glass Trucks

Our third photo of the week shows some of the Corning Glass trucks parked in their garage spots. And as with the Dann Dairy photo I seem to recall seeing those trucks at some time in the past! I’m quite certain the building the trucks were housed in was on the Southside of Corning but where I’m not certain. However, I’m willing to bet that many local residents do remember where this building was located!




Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

Library Local History/Creation Station Resources:

Here’s your weekly reminder that at the library you can scan your photos and slides to create digital family albums and slideshows; and even use one of the Circut machines, and other Creation Station equipment, to help you create a special paper family history album.

Also of note, we have the local paper, at times called the Corning Leader, Corning Journal or Corning Daily Journal, on microfilm from 1840 to the present — so you can visit the library and research local history and your family tree if you wish!


And if you find any old photos of the Corning area that you don’t know what to do with – you can always donate them to the library! We’re happy to add new photos to our Photo Archive!

6 thoughts on “Local History Photos August 25, 2017

  1. Dann’s Dairy was in Gang Mills, just south of Painted Post, on Hamilton Street. We lived near there when I was a kid. They sold delicious ice cream, of course, and had a glass-walled milking parlor where you could see the cows being milked.


  2. Dann’s Dairy was located on old Route 15 – 17, across the river from Painted Post, about where the Lodge on the Green (now “America’s Best Value Inn”) is. See http://www.dannreunion.com/dannsnapshots.htm

    In the late 40’s it was a real treat to drive out there to their retail store, which fronted on Route 17 to Erwin for the best ice cream around. The cool part was seeing the little mechanical clown on a shelf behind the counter that rubbed its belly and patted its head at the same time.

    Didn’t take much to get excited when you were 7-8 years old in the 40’s!


  3. The trucks were parked in the loading docks of “A” or “B” factory. They were on Pine Street to the north of the clock tower just before you crossed the old Centerway (Briscoe) Bridge


  4. Dans Dairy was not where the Lodge on the Green was/ is… that was built when they were still in business.. I remember when it was built, the early 1960’s. . Danns was up behind Arby’s and The Credit Union and the motel. There is still a part of the old route 15/17. Between Arbys and the four lane…


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