Local History Photo: Friday, November 18, 2016

Hi everyone, here is our local history photo for the week!


The record for this photo indicates it is of “Members of the Home Defense” and that it was taken in 1918.

You’ll probably want to scroll in to take a closer look of all those dapper World War I era soldiers in their uniforms!

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

Local History Photos: Friday, November 4, 2016

Hi everyone, I know the calendar says it is Tuesday — but really it is Friday! Just kidding! Since I didn’t get to post a photo last Friday — here are two!

Photo 1: Train Wreck


Our record for this first photo only features a general date the photo was taken – 1912. Bonus points to anyone with sharp eyes who can tell the rest of us where this photo was taken!

Photo 2. Drug Store 


Our record for photo 2 indicates it is of “Ferguson’s Drug Store – Smith Brothers Hardware & Langworthy’s Department Store.”

I believe the the businesses shown in the photos were in the City of Corning but am not sure — if you know where the businesses were located please enlighten us!

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL