Local History Photos of the Week

Here are our local history photos for this week! There are no dates on the records in our photo archive indicating when those photos were taken, nor is there a record as to where, locally these photos were taken — so if you recognize where any of the photos were taken let us know!

As usual clicking on the photos will give you a larger view!

Photo 1: 

LH 75-1553

I thought this photo might conjure up cool thoughts since we’ve had a terrifically hot summer in the Northeast. The only notation in the archive record for this photo is “Sleigh.”

Photo 2:

LH 75-1554

I think someone just might know where this photo was taken by looking at the river, river bank and the building in the background — might that be an old Corning Inc. building? The record for this photo features only a title “Lumber industry.”

Photo 3: 

LH 75-1550

And I love this photo of a horse drawn carriage! And that is the only notation in the record for this photo ” Horse drawn carriage.” Does anyone recognize where the photo was taken or who the people in the photo were?

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL

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