Local History Photos Of The Week

Summer time is a very busy time in Library Land so apologies for not posting any photos last week!

Here are four photos taken from our Local History Photo Archive – and these truly are mystery photos because they are all in bundle in the Local History Room without any information about who is in the  photos or where they were taken, although, I believe the photos were taken in Corning as the band leader’s hat says Corning on it and the photo of the Liberty Theater — looks very much like the old Fox Theater that was located just past the Githler Tanner building in Corning.

And I’d love to know what the athlete in photo 2 did to win all those medals — was he, perhaps, a wrestler?

Photo 1: The Bandleader:

LH 8 29 16003

Photo 2: The Athlete:

LH 8 29 16004

Photo 3: A view of one of the local lakes?

LH 8 29 16002

Photo 4: The Liberty Theater (perhaps a precursor to the Fox Theater?)

LH 8 29 16005

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL

Help from Hannah Anew

20160811_162523If you visit the Southeast Steuben County Library (SSCL) often, then you would likely recognize me. I have filled various positions at the SSCL since 2006. For library users, I have organized materials, shelved materials, checked materials in and out of the building, provided reference services, provided children’s desk services, managed the meeting rooms for a while, and managed overdue and lost items for a couple of years.

Here I am growing into another position, as a digital literacy specialist…

Digital Literacy DefinedWhat does that mean? You get to call upon me, or my fellow digital literacy–and much, much more–staff: Linda, to serve you in moments of exploration, challenge, and learning with regard to digital technology. For example, computers, software, tablets, mobile phones, and e-readers; online job searches, applications, interview preparation and updating your resume. We have all kinds of materials and equipment to explore and utilize at the public library, and I hope to see you here (or during one of our outreach events).

Southeast Steuben County Library
Digital Literacy Services
(607) 936-3713 Ext. 216 for me, Ext. 212 for Linda, Ext. 502 for the quick & brief.
Or diglit@stls.org

Local History Photos of the Week

Here are our local history photos for this week! There are no dates on the records in our photo archive indicating when those photos were taken, nor is there a record as to where, locally these photos were taken — so if you recognize where any of the photos were taken let us know!

As usual clicking on the photos will give you a larger view!

Photo 1: 

LH 75-1553

I thought this photo might conjure up cool thoughts since we’ve had a terrifically hot summer in the Northeast. The only notation in the archive record for this photo is “Sleigh.”

Photo 2:

LH 75-1554

I think someone just might know where this photo was taken by looking at the river, river bank and the building in the background — might that be an old Corning Inc. building? The record for this photo features only a title “Lumber industry.”

Photo 3: 

LH 75-1550

And I love this photo of a horse drawn carriage! And that is the only notation in the record for this photo ” Horse drawn carriage.” Does anyone recognize where the photo was taken or who the people in the photo were?

Have a great week!

Linda, SSCL

Upcoming Personal Technology Programs @ The Library August 2016

Hi everyone, this post contains a listing of our Digital Literacy Programs for August.

And if you prefer a PDF that you can print simply click on the following link:

SSCL Digital Literacy Services Programs August 2016 Rev 7 29 16

Cell Phone Basics @ Corning Senior Center

Do you have a cell phone and have questions about how to us it? Drop in and we’ll walk you through the basic cell phone usage steps. Bring your questions! We’ll answer your questions too!

This program is co-hosted with the Corning Senior Center.

To register for this program call the Senior Center at: 607-962-8000.

Dates: August 11 & August 25, 2016/ Times for both programs: 11:00 a. m. – 12:00 p. m.

What to Read Next!

Drop in at the library any time between 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. to find out what’s new at the library this month.  Acquisition Librarian, Linda Reimer will provide you with lists of all the new books in print, e-books, downloadable audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, digital magazines, and streaming videos added to the library’s collection in the last month, broken down by General Fiction & Literature, Mysteries, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy and Non-Fiction, and including a description for each item. Browse the lists while you’re at the library or take them home with you to peruse at your leisure. Bring your smartphone or tablet along if you would like, and Linda will be happy to show you how to check out digital library materials. You’ll be able to request titles on the spot, and even enjoy a free cup of coffee.

Date/Time: Monday, August 8, 2016/10:00 a. m. – 12:00 p. m.

One-On-One Personal Technology Appointments:

You can make an appointment with a member of our staff as an individual or for 2-4 people to learn how to use a new computer,  e-reader, tablet, smartphone, email, The Internet and more at a variety of times throughout each month. This is a free service the library offers! To make an appointment call: 607-936-3713

About Creation Station:

Creation Station: The SSCL Makerspace is a place to go to create things! Creation Station features a 3 D Printer, creation software, a Cricut Electronic Cutting Machine, scanners that allow you to digitize photos, slides and documents, a binding machine, a laminating machine, a drawing kit, sewing machines, a sewing serger, a wide format printer and more – check it out! Patrons must be trained to use select equipment ask staff for details.

All library programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Library, SSC.

The library is handicapped accessible. If you require special accommodations contact us in advance: (607) 936-3713.