Local History Photo of the Week

Here’s a local history photo for the upcoming week.

(Click on the photo for a larger view!)

LH 75-0072005

The photo shows a group of local servicemen who are just about to embark for Europe to fight in World War I.

The notation on the record card says “Some of Corning’s national Army who left the city on July 23, 1918.

And I think they might all be sitting on the steps of the court house in Corning.

I know we’re past Memorial Day, and July 4 is approaching with breathtaking speed, however, it seems appropriate to me to remember those who have served their country as we get ready to celebrate the birthday of our country.

Happy 4th of July and hats off to all U.S. veterans past and present!

Linda, SSCL

Local History Stories

I’ve always been interested in history of any kind – national, international of local history.

In relation, my mother’s family has lived in our area for a number of generations. In keeping with that idea here’s a short little local history story! My maternal grandmother’s grandfather was a fellow by the name of Thomas Lawrence. Thomas was born in Ely, England and immigrated to the U.S. in 1871. He came to Corning shortly after he arrived in this country and founded a successful plumbing business. He went on to found the water works in the City of Corning, working out of the old brick building that use to border Denison Park and where Rite Aid is today, right across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts.

That is a snap shot of a page of my family history, and if you’re like me and you find history stories to be interesting – why not share your stories with the extended library family?

We’ve got narrative recording equipment at the library, part of our Makerspace, that allows us to record people telling stories – if you’ve got a story you can come in and be recorded and then either take the recording with you to share with your family and friends or both take a copy with you and allow us to post your story on our Corning History blog and add a copy to the library’s collection.

And if you prefer to write a story instead of recording one, you can do that too! I’ve got a binder all ready to put new local history stories in.

So if you like to tell local history stories let us know – we like those stories too!

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

P.S. Did you know you can scan photos and slides to create a digital family history album or use the Cricut machine to create a cool cover for a hand made family history album if you prefer print and actual photos to digital ones?  You can! There is equipment in Creation Station that will assist you in doing just that! For details ask the staff or reply to this posting.

Upcoming Personal Technology Programs @ The Library July 2016

Hi everyone, July has dawned so it is time for a new batch of personal technology, AKA Digital Literacy, programs!

Here’s a link to a PDF listing of the programs for this month:

SSCL Digital Literacy Services Programs July 2016

Please feel free to share this information digitally or via print.

And just FYI if you want to print off the program flyer for July – it is formatted for legal size paper.

And for those who prefer photos – here is the same list of programs via jpg! (click on the photos for a larger and more readable view!)

SSCL Digital Literacy Services Programs July 2016 Side ASSCL Digital Literacy Services Programs July 2016 Side B

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL