Local History Mystery Photos November 20, 2015

Hi everyone, here is a new quartet of Local History Mystery Photos!

As is usual if you click on the individual photos you get a larger view.

LH 75-0701

Local History Mystery Photo 1:

This photo is of a boy reading what appears to be a newspaper sometime in the past in the Corning area. Our archival information is scant for this photo is simply is listed as being donated by the Corning Painted Post Historical Society and that the date of the photo is c. 1900

So our mystery questions are: A. Where was this photo taken?, B. Who is the little boy in the photo? And what type of even was going on that day — a parade perhaps?

LH 75-0703

Local History Mystery Photo 2: 

This photo shows five young women apparently graduating from a local school c. 1900 — which school they graduated from remains a mystery!

Mystery question 1 for this photo is just that! A. Does anyone know which school these young women attended? and mystery question 2 is: Does anyone recognize any of the women in the photo?

LH 175-0791

Local History Mystery Photo 3: 

Our third mystery photo is of a parade! And our mystery questions are:

A. Does anyone know anything about the parade (i.e. when it was held and for what occasion).

B. Where was the parade held? (Does that look like an unpaved a pre-railroad and highway Denison Parkway in Corning?

Local History Mystery 4:

Our final Local History Mystery Photo for this week has a one word listing in our archival record — it simply says “Biplane.”

Our mystery questions for this photo then are:

A. Where and when was this photo taken?

B. Does anyone know anything about the plane, or this type of plane?


C. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo?

And remember you too can scan your photos and slides and make a digital family history album, that can be shared on line with family and friends, at the library!

And if you prefer a print family album we can help you with that too! Creation Station, the SSCL Makerspace, features a color printer as well as a Cricut machine so you can make a really fancy paper family history album if you want to!

Check it out & have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

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