Local History Mystery Photos 10 16 15

Here is another cool batch of Local History Mystery photos!

Note: You can always see a larger view of each photo by clicking on the photo.

Photo 1: This photo is titled “Indian Monument Corner Hamilton and High Streets;” and it features what I believe is the original position of the Indian Monument in Painted Post. The photo was taken c. 1894-1895.

And the mystery questions are:

1. Does anyone know anything about the building and installation of the monument?

2. Does anyone know when the monument was moved from its original location?


3. Does anyone know who the two men are sitting at the base of the monument?

LH 75-0342

Photo 2: We’re on a roll with Painted Post photos this week! Photo 2 has the subject listing of “Corner of High and Hamilton Street. Looking East on High Street.” This photo too is noted as being taken in Painted Post and the year listed in 1896.

And the mystery question for this photo is:

Are any of the building seen in the photo still standing?

LH 75-0343

Photo 3: Photo 3 is of the 1909-1910 CFA Basketball team.

And our mystery questions for this photo are:

1. Does anyone know the names of any of the men seen in the photo?

2. Does anyone know where this photo was taken?

LH 75-0348

Photo 4: Photo 4 has a brief records which says it is titled “Lumber Camp” with the added notation that the photo was taken in Steuben County and c. 1900.

And our mystery questions for this photo are:

1. Where was this photo taken?

2. Does anyone recognize any of the men in the photo?

3. Does anyone know where the photo was taken?

And for a bonus question — what does anyone know about the history of the lumber industry in this area?

LH 75-0378

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

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